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Selling with Soul: Go Forth, Help People, and Ignite Change!

Welcome to the dynamic realm of sales, where we're not just about sealing deals but transforming into the strategic guide your clients never realised they required. Imagine this: clients cruising in their same old routines, unaware they're heading for trouble. Your mission?

Shake things up, break the status quo, and be the strategic guide who will alter their course.


go forth and help people

Paint the Future, Craft a Masterpiece


In sales, you're not just selling a product. You're crafting a different future for your customers. Paint a clear picture of a future that’s exactly what they’ve imagined.

But let's not stop there. Let's broaden the strokes of that metaphorical paintbrush. As experts, we have insights that go beyond the canvas of individual businesses. We have insights into the broader industry landscape.

Here’s the thing to remember: People don't buy features, they invest in stories. But beyond that, they want assurance of a happy ending.

people don't buy features, people invest in stories

Our task: Unveil industry trends, help them predict shifts, and offer a panoramic view of what lies ahead. Help them create a success story by taking them through the terrain, as rocky as it may be. Show them that you’re familiar with the lay of the land.

Peel Back the Layers, Show Them What They’re In For

Sometimes you have to play detective. Help them uncover obstacles and opportunities they may not be aware of. Be the Sherlock Holmes they need,  solving mysteries that lead to strategic decisions.


But here's the kicker – no sugar-coating allowed.

Be a realist with a touch of optimism. Lay bare potential pitfalls, acknowledge challenges, and  present solutions that render obstacles as mere speed bumps.

Nobody likes feeling lost, so explain things in detail. A whodunnit isn’t solved until you know the why, who, where, what, and how. Break the “case” into bite-sized, manageable chunks. Whether it's implementing your solution or executing a strategic shift, make it crystal clear.

Cultivate Evergreen Relationships


Generic pitches are a thing of the past. Tailor your solutions like a bespoke suit. Sales isn’t about pulling out a script or template that supposedly gets prospects to “convert.” Forget that you’re selling at all. Instead, think help. Be a problem solver, not a product pusher. 


Because here's the truth bomb: one size fits none.

cultivate relationships

Your clients are unique, each with distinct challenges and aspirations. Cookie-cutter solutions won't cut it. Take the time to grasp their specific needs, quirks, and aspirations. Your understanding and reliability should leave your clients thinking, "Hell yeah, let's do this!"

But keep in mind: it's not a fast fling. It's about cultivating committed relationships. After the deal, don't vanish. Stick around, nurture that connection, and witness it blossom into a beautiful partnership.


Relationships in sales age like fine wine. They get better with time. The deal closure isn't the finish line – it's merely the start of a beautiful journey. Keep tabs on them, celebrate their wins, and be their anchor during rough patches.

That’s how you become their trusted guide, the person they go to when they’re struggling to make another decision. That’s how you master the art of sales.

Guide with Heart, not Manipulation


When I say “master the art of sales”, this is what I mean. Be a decent human. Drop the salesy facade – authenticity is your power move. 

guide with heart, not manipulation

Clients can smell insincerity from miles away. Be real, be transparent – even when the truth isn't all sunshine and rainbows – and watch how honesty becomes your strongest selling point.


In a world saturated with pitches and presentations, authenticity stands out like a diamond in the rough – it builds trust like nothing else.


So, go forth and help people. Sales isn't about manipulation or coercion – it's about being the guide, the ally, the problem-solver. When you master the art of helping people, you transcend the transactional and become a trusted partner in their success.

Not sure how to get started or need some help to talk about where you’re stuck? Drop me a DM on LinkedIn!


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