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who am i

I’m Greg, and I’m a Sales Guy.


It’s always frustrated me that sales people are taught to be  aggressive, competitive, and make a sale ‘at any cost’.


A sale isn’t just a transaction, but the beginning of a relationship - and strategy, knowledge, and the genuine willingness to solve a problem are the key to effectively getting the job done. 


I believe in a few key principles: Hard Work, Progress, Accountability and Results.

My drive for sales and revenue has landed me in various sales, business development, and revenue roles over the years. I love the thrill of finding potential clients, understanding their challenges, giving them a great experience and watching them grow. In short - I love watching others succeed. 

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Leave it all on the field, every day and you'll never have trouble sleeping.

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Working with the Sales Guy: 

I believe in creating environments that enable growth and allow teams to perform at their highest caliber and deliver excellent results by fostering the right sales mindset.

My passion for learning and progress is only second to the pride I take in the work I deliver and I expect the same drive for excellence in my teams.

If you’re not on my team, you may have seen my sales training or heard me talk about the importance of customer feedback, keys to business growth, or how to lead a happy sales team.

The industries in which I work and consult are varied, but my approach is always the same: Think help, not sell.

My coaching focuses on cultivating the right mindset to consistently challenge yourself and owning each aspect of your life in order to get the results you want. 


If you’ve made it this far, you might as well get in touch.


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