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People Move the Revenue Needle — Your Tailor-Made A-Team

Imagine you have a choice – settle for mediocrity or invest in excellence. When put this way, isn’t it a no-brainer? 

Yet over and over again, I see companies hiring sales monkeys and throwing them into training after training, in the hopes that a newfangled, fancy-named training program will finally be the thing that moves that revenue needle. 

Here’s the deal. If you want to truly move that sales revenue needle? Get a team who is as hungry for victory as you are.

Think about it. Who's making those calls, sealing those deals, and turning prospects into loyal customers? 

Your people are the true heavy lifters when it comes to skyrocketing your bottom line. They're the engine that can take your sales from meh to magnificent.

And that doesn't come by luck. It's about strategy.

The Art of Attraction - Let Them Find You

Now, you might think finding the best talent and convincing them to join your ranks is all about high-tech tools and complicated recruitment strategies.

But let me tell you, it's not.

It’s simple: Personal branding is your ticket to attracting the A-listers. 

It's the classic push and pull of sales and marketing. People want to align themselves with individuals and organisations they resonate with. And in today’s world where the lines between personal and professional lives are blurred, your brand matters.

Your values. Your vision. Your heart. Scream it from the digital mountaintops.

Get loud about what you stand for.

Use platforms like LinkedIn, Instagram, or TikTok as a megaphone to communicate your values, beliefs, and mission. Show the world what you stand for, what makes your heart beat faster, and why your company is the place to be. 

And I’m talking radical transparency here.

Lay your company's values and mission cards on the table. Encourage candidates to shoot their most burning questions about salaries and expectations. This isn't just about interviews. It's about setting the foundation for a trust-packed journey from day one.

Finding great people becomes easier when they already know what you stand for—because they’ll already be knocking on your door.

Don't gain trust, just TRUST.

In my world, trust isn't earned. It's assumed. 

Trust should be the atmosphere from the very start. Attempting to earn it down the road is like trying to reinvent the wheel mid-race.

It just doesn't work that way.

Here's a little secret – I've had my head of sales development, head of marketing, and head of client success from a previous company all transition into significant roles at the company I’m currently at. 


I invested my trust in them and vice versa

When you trust them, they'll trust you back.

When you find the right folks and open up those lines of communication, magic happens. Be vulnerable, talk about your weaknesses, and explain why you need them. Hand them the reins to excel at what they're good at, back them up, and pay them fairly.

They understand your mission, your vision, and they're ready to carry your flag into battle.

So. Be open. Be transparent. Share your flaws and provide the support and autonomy your team craves.

Family issues? Let them leave the office early.

Mental burn out? Give them a long weekend.

Show them you've got their back, no matter what. 

Shut Up and Drive

The Power of Three: Autonomy, Mastery, and Purpose

Want to keep your team motivated? Find their drive. And forget the whole “carrot and stick” approach – do well, get a reward, mess up, face the consequences. But this race for praise and promotions just sucks the joy out of doing a great job.

You know what, throw out both the carrot and stick. Get straight to what works.

Daniel Pink’s Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us spells the three game changers that make up my bible for team motivation:

  1. Autonomy: Let them own their respective roles

  2. Mastery: Guide them toward greatness

  3. Purpose: Show them the big picture

Get in the trenches with your team members. Be their mentor, their guide.

Think about it:

  • Giving them the freedom to soar

  • Helping them see the path to greatness

  • Letting them craft their own journey 

When they understand the purpose behind what they do, they become unstoppable. 

1-to-1s: Your Secret Weapon

It's not about micromanagement. It's about being there when they need you, no questions asked.

Forget the long meetings. I’m talking about heart-to-heart, one-on-one power hours. I use these face-to-face sit-downs to iron out any kinks, align goals, and keep my team on the same page.

Get inside their heads, and you'll know how to push their buttons in all the right ways.


What makes them tick?

What are their priorities?

What is success beyond making bank?

Then, support.

Allow flexible schedules. Provide opportunities for growth. Acknowledge their contributions.

That's how you build a team that's unstoppable.

Do You Want Success or Mediocrity? The Choice Is Yours

We're all grinding away day in and day out, and if you treat people like tools instead of partners, what's the point?

I take my job seriously, learn as much as I can, but I also make time to shoot the breeze with my team. We talk about random stuff for hours because, hey, that's how you build strong bonds.

Set the stage for a team that doesn't just move the revenue needle – but break it. Remember, their growth equals your revenue growth.

Now, go out there, invest in your dream team.

CTA: Not sure how to get started or need some help to talk about where you’re stuck? Drop me a DM on LinkedIn



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